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Bathroom Renovation


Come along for another beautiful Megawatt project as we transform this bathroom!

There isn’t a project too micro or mega that we can’t do!
Call today!

During - Video 1

Megawatt does demo the safe way!

During - Video 2

Laying a whole new sub floor, installing a new bathtub, putting in insulation and much more!

During - video 3

Updates! See the new bathtub and taller shower as the bathroom renovation starts to come together!

During - Video 4

The last video before the great reveal! Water membrane installed and ready to start tiling the floor!


Ta dah!

Full rip out, reinstalled water membrane, reinforced floor and so many changes later…
Mosaic tiles and fresh paint make a breathtaking bathroom experience!

Big Basement Renovation


An exciting new project!

Installing a new bathroom and a big new man cave with a beautiful wall for an entertainment system and all the fixings!

During - Video 1

Our plumbers have laid down the pipes for the new bathroom!

During - Video 2

Plumbing has been inspected and approved. We will frame and build the new wall today. Exciting things to come!

During - video 3

Putting in the frames for the new bathroom and plans for a pocket door. Also a sliding barn door!

During - Video 4

See the amazing man cave as it comes along!

During - video 5

The bulkheads are built and it is coming along nicely! Next up, electrical and lighting…

During - Video 6

Dry wall soon! 

There was an issue with the studded walls being steel studs which causes rigidity problems that lead to cracks and waves in the walls. As always we have a solution, in this case we added a 2×4 behind the studs to tie them all together to reinforce the strength and structure.

Tip: Adding a bathroom always adds value to the house!

During - video 7

Dry wall is in, mud tape is done and the lights are in!

Call Megawatt today and we can light up your showers so you never have to shave in the dark again!

Part 1, video continued below.

During - Video 8

Part 2!

Showing off the man cave and stair well as everything is coming together.

During - video 9

Fresh coat of paint and touch ups!

Coming up.. flooring and base boards.

During - Video 10

See the lovely coat of paint!

During - video 11

We’ve installed beautiful new wood flooring!


During - Video 12

Bathroom reveal!
Gorgeous burned wood back wall and dark cabinet colours makes for a sophisticated effect!

Also bonus: treated wood hand rails to tie it all together!

Closet Renovation


Building a new closet!
With new drywall, frame and bulkhead.


The finished closet!

Bathroom Renovation


New project!

A new bathroom renovation.
A bigger vanity, new bathroom features, upgraded lighting and many more improvements!


New floor installed and new vanity mounted.
Also a duel stage flush toilet and plans for more!


Beautiful new back splash!

Bathroom Renovation


Starting a new bathroom renovation, check out what it looks like before we do our magic!

During - Video 1

New bathtub installed!
Next up is drywall, plumbing and sub floor..

During - Video 2

Drywall and plumbing is installed! 

During - video 3

Digging a trench from the garage to the house.

Old houses can have dangerous mistakes!

Here at Megawatt we always do things right and safe!

During - Video 4

The bathroom transformation is nearly complete!


The transformation is complete!

A beautiful new bathroom that is bright and clean.

House Light Installation


New pot lights to brighten up a house! 

Along with other great upgrades, including bathroom renovation, door installations and new ceiling fans.


The difference some extra light can make is amazing!

Don’t live in the dark, call us for any kind of construction project.

From Micro to Mega!

more to come...